♥ Allah, there is none worthy of worship besides You. You are Pure, definitely I have oppressed my soul by sinning

For Parents:
1. May Allah give my Parents long life.
2. May Allah fulfill my Parents expectation.
3. May Allah wash all sorrow of my Parents.
4. May Allah bless on my Parents.
5. May Allah give them a life which is full of happiness.

For Friends:
1. May Allah make him/her pious.
2. May Allah fulfill his/her all wishes.
3. May Allah show him/her right path.
4. May Allah increase his/her happiness & moments of joy.
5. May Allah make him/her successful.

For Muslims:
1. May Allah give Muslims unity.
2. May Allah give Muslims wisdom
3. May Allah give Muslims Health,wealth,all the above….

Dua For Myself:
1.May Allah forgive all my bad deeds.
2. May Allah make me successful in my aim.
3. May Allah make me able to fulfill my Parent’s wishes.
4. May Allah fulfill my life with abundance of joy, peace & happiness.
5. May Allah give me strength to think about my right & wrong.
6. May Allah make me able to help poor people. •